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The Academy-An Idea

The Australian Academy of Boxing became a reality on the 24th January 1990 from my idea in 1987 that the structural conditioning aspects of Boxing as well as Boxing self-defence should be made available to everyone. What was needed was a vehicle to achieve that objective.

By 1987 twenty four years of boxing experience had taught me that just like gladiator/commando training only a very small percentage of the populace were willing to accept the hard knocks that are part and parcel of the demanding sport of competitive boxing training. Even though the prowess of boxers was widely admired the lack of participation by the general public led consequentially to a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Having taught Boxing self defence skills and competitive Boxing for eleven years with a stint as coach/manager of the Victorian State Team I came to the conclusion that to reach everyone required a directional change. A change of direction in regard to the Boxing Rules, plus a change of focus to the far wider area of exercise that could be achieved by utilising Boxing type equipment to build structural reflex co-ordination power beneficial to everyone.

To live healthy lives 'Guardianship Philosophy©' requires that we all attain suitable bodily exercise, and a personal defence capability. The job was to design/define/develop/provide 'The Art', 'The Rules', and 'The Principles', of original boxing orientated sports and fitness concepts.

To market the new fitness concept of boxing and exercise structural reflex co-ordination utilising specialised exercises and boxing type equipment required a new name and that's how Boxacise® was born.

The Australian Academy of Boxing also endeavoured to make Boxacise® an enjoyable challenging sport by providing Speedball, Floor to Ceiling Ball, Medicine Ball, Skipping Rope and Focus Pad contests and Championships.

With separate sessions for boxing and exercise structural co-ordination, and boxing self-defence skill training in place, coaching accreditation courses, plus licensed facilities were provided throughout Australia.

Rules to make Boxing a safer participation sport have also been developed with the Boxing focus placed on self-defence and the artistry of point scoring skill.

Modern A.A.B. Rules© have eliminated 'Knock-Outs' from contests by utilising the 'Excessive Punching Rule©' that penalize boxers for throwing power punches that in the estimation of the referee would either knock opponents down or make them lose their defence capability. Special 16oz Boxing gloves, and chin protection headguards are also utilised.